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Satsang Talks, Teachings, & Interview

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Online Satsang Series on Embodiment


A Radio Interview with Greg

Aired on Salt Spring Island Community Radio on Sept 8, 2013

Themes on Embodiment & Integration

A Private Session Recording

Satsang Talks & Dialogues

A collection of Talks and dialogues with participants from Greg's Satsangs and Retreats. 

NEW - Guided Meditation - 'Sinking Into Silence'

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Facing Vulnerability

The courage to stay open to our experience

The Awakening of the Gut Center

Exploring the intensity of our Embodiment

True Meditation is Resting as Awareness

Exploring meditation in the Non-dual path

Raw, Pure Mystery

Honoring the Stillness of our True Nature

The Invitation of Satsang

Exploring spiritual Awakening & embodiment

The Strength of Surrender

Exploring heartbreak & opening to emotions

Staying With  The Sense of 'I don't know'

The challenge of letting go of control

The Direct Path to Awakening

Inquiring into the nature of our experience

The Deepening Levels of Surrender

Embodying our Awakenings into our life

Recognizing That You Don't Exist

Exploring who experiences our True Nature

The Essence of Meditation & Self Inquiry

Adjusting attention to recognize True Nature

Enlightenment isn't an Experience

Exploring the space prior to Consciousness

Ready to be Completely Simple

Letting go of effort, desire, & personal will

The Dissolution of Identity

Allowing the root of identification to dissolve

Spiritual Teachings Arise from Realization

Exploring the essence of Buddha's teachings

A Foreground-Background Shift

In your absence is your Presence

The Invitation of the Direct Path

Exploring transcendence and indulgence

Being Like a Teflon Pan to Our Experience

Distinguishing between pain and suffering

Moving in and Through Our  Contractions

A direct inquiry into the heart of suffering

Exploring Deepening Levels of Awakening

Going beyond the 'I got it, I lost it' experience

Moving Beyond the Witness Perspective

Maturing into a state of profound simplicity

The Yin & Yang of Inquiry & Meditation

Active & passive aspects of spiritual practice

Longing for Complete Release

Unwinding intense layers of our experience

The True Teacher is Silence

Coming into a natural intimacy with life

The Collapse of Meditation & the Meditator

Awakening to fundamental Consciousness

The Journey Back Home

From initial Awakening to beyond 'I Am'-ness

Die Before you Die

Finding surrender in our deepest contraction

Discovering Divine Emotion

Learning to witness emotions from the inside

Love Coming Back For Itself

Embodying the Awakening of the Heart

The Integration of Love & Wisdom

Allowing True Nature to express through us

Embodying Love

Finding the freedom to love ourselves unconditionally

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