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Session Packages, Course Discounts, & Scholarships

Your first session of 2024 is offered on a sliding scale of $50-80CAN ($37-60 US)

and your first 3-90 min session package of 2024 is offered for $179CAN ($133US).  

To book your session, click on the button above.  If none of the available times

are possible for you, please email Greg directly to find a workable time.

Regular Session Sliding Scale Rate


90 min session - $100-140CAD ($74-104US)


3-90 Min Sessions - $249CAD ($185US)

Any 3 Session Package includes a 70% discount on all Courses and Immersions


Greg makes his offerings as available to people as possible, and understands that many people have financial constraints.  Partial scholarships are available for anyone who needs them.  The scholarship process is very easy and simple, please email Greg for more details.

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