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Private Satsang & Awakening Support Sessions

Your first session of 2024 is offered on a sliding scale of $50-80CAN ($37-60 US),

and your first 3-90 min session package of 2024 is offered for $179CAN ($133US).

To book your session, click on the button above.  If none of the available 

times are possible for you, please email Greg to find a workable time.


Private Satsang Sessions with Greg

Greg offers Private Satsang & Awakening Support Sessions for people interested in discovering, inquiring into, and deepening in their experience of our True Nature, in a individualized and focused way. Satsang Sessions give you the chance to receive personalized guidance relevant to their unique path and history, as well as the time and space to explore sensitive areas that may need deeper healing.

Satsang Sessions can also be used to develop or deepen your spiritual practice, to help clarify and express your life or Soul Purpose, and to bring more aliveness, meaning, and Presence into your life, work, & relationships.  Greg balances a clarity of the Spiritual Awakening & Embodiment process with a compassionate understanding of the psychological and trauma healing process.

Although spiritual practice and spiritual awakening can be profoundly transformative, he also understands how challenging it can be to be with intense and painful emotions, which can arise when our hearts begin to open, and our conditioned patterns begin to dissolve. Although the awakening process moves towards a place of peace, harmony, and freedom, the process can sometimes be rocky and painful, and make us feel overwhelmed, disoriented, and even alone.

Satsang Sessions are always guided by your unique challenges, questions, and life situation, and everything that arises is welcomed and embraced with unconditional acceptance and Loving Presence. Greg connects with people in a gentle and intuitive way, engaging whatever arises with Spaciousness, curiosity, and sense of deep listening, and seen as an opportunity to deepen into your awakening and complete healing.  Private sessions can be a place to find some solace and understanding by someone who's walked the Path themselves, and an opportunity to find some context and orientation for unique and intense spiritual experiences.

Post Awakening & Integration / Embodiment Support

 If you've already had a spiritual awakening, Satsang Sessions can be the opportunity to address the unique challenges that can arise as we begin to embody and integrate our deepest realizations into our everyday lives and relationships.

Although people often bring challenges to a session, sessions can also be approached without a specific question, problem, or difficulty. If you are simply open and curious, these open-ended explorations can be incredibly rich and nuanced, and tend to be naturally guided towards whatever is in need of attention, clarification, or healing. There's no end to enlightenment, and connecting with people who are already embodying their realizations is one of Greg's greatest joys.

Complimentary Silent Sitting Time

Greg encourages and deeply values the time spent in Silence and Stillness. Modern research has shown that meditation increases our health and quality of life in many ways.  As such, Private Sessions with Greg also include 10-15  min of shared Silent sitting before the session time begins, to help people settle and to deepen the quality of the sessions.

Session Package Discounts

Sessions are offered by phone or Zoom, and discounted session packages are available, which include discounts on his online courses.  Visit the Rates and Packages page for more details.  If you're interested in having Satsang sessions with Greg, or wonder if they'd be a good fit for you, feel free to email him with any questions.

Mountain Lake Reflection

Some Common Areas of Focus

Although all areas of life can be addressed in Satsang Sessions with Greg, some common areas include:

  • Deepening in your spirituality, awakening to your True Nature, and bringing Presence to emotional wounds and traumas
  • Embodying and integrating life altering spiritual experiences into your everyday life and relationships
  • Questions regarding meditation, inquiry, energetic clearing, and developing or deepening your spiritual practice
  • Challenges related to intense spiritual awakening experiences and kundalini energy symptoms
  • Issues related to being an empath or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and what can be done to help you
  • Getting clarity on your deepest spiritual experiences & finding your true autonomy, inner authority, and authentic voice
  • Stepping into awakened living and relating and issues related to being Awake in an unawake world
  • Post awakening support, issues related to both enlightenment and en-darkenment, and expressing your life or Soul Purpose
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