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Mind-Body Health Coaching

* 2022 Session Special *

As a pandemic inspired support, your first 90 min session of 2022 is offered at a sliding scale rate of only $40-60CAN.

Your first 3-90 min session package is also offered at the 3-60 min session rate.


Greg's Health Journey

Greg offers Health coaching to augment the psycho-spiritual work that he does with people.  His physical health training started when he enrolled in a pre-med program after graduating from high school. During his studies he eventually fell in love with and shifted his focus to psychology, but he decided to utilize all the physiology and biological science courses he had already taken, to get a double major degree in both Psychology and Biological Sciences.

Greg suffered from major depression and anxiety for much of his life, and in his 20’s he was put on many of the traditional medications for depression, anxiety, and insomnia. The ineffectiveness of these medications motivated him to explore more natural remedies and his interest in alternative medicine and spirituality eventually inspired him to become trained as a Registered Massage Therapist and a Reiki energy practitioner.

An Intense Kundalini Awakening

During a life changing trip to India in 2005-6, Greg’s kundalini energy was powerfully activated during one of his meditations by the form of the Indian sage Ramana Maharishi, which eventually led to his initial spiritual awakening a couple months later.  A by-product of this energy activation was severe and chronic insomnia, initially only allowing him to sleep 1-2 hours a night.  Although his sleep patterns eventually improved over the years, all those years of poor sleep took a major toll on his physical health.  While on that same trip to India he also became violently ill several times, which severely compromised his digestive health.

These health challenges as well as a host of other unique and challenging kundalini induced symptoms forced him to spend a lot of time, money, and energy researching solutions for his own health, and consulting numerous health professionals.  This included addressing symptoms related to chronic fatigue, insomnia, and gut dys-biosis, and exploring the new medical diagnostic category Central Sensitization, which encompasses a wide range of nervous system based disorders.   In Greg's opinion, this category could include the vast array of kundalini energy induced symptoms which can arise when this energy is powerfully activated.   He's also discovered how new, cutting edge research related to the gut-brain connection, the endocannabanoid system, and the gut microbiome is revolutionizing how we are approaching our mind-body health, as well as its treatment and healing.

Current Research & Training

Through his varied research Greg also discovered how advances in Energy Medicine and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy are dramatically increasing the effectiveness of treatments for such conditions as anxiety, depression, and traumatic symptomology like PTSD.  These conditions tend to be difficult to treat, so this research inspires some much needed hope for those effected by these symptoms.  He's also discovered how deeply our mental-emotional health is effected by factors like stress, diet, EMF & environmental toxicity, and the very medications that we are commonly prescribed for these conditions.

Beside spending years personally researching his own health issues, and spending thousands of dollars experimenting with various natural remedies, supplements, and alternative therapies, Greg has also taken courses on the gut-brain connection, the gut microbiome, medical cannabis, and the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions.   He's learned the root causes of many chronic health conditions, the similar ways that the body heals from them, and that there is a lot that we can do to improve our levels of health and well being, often with some simple and easy changes to our diet, lifestyle, and mindset.

Greg would love to use his knowledge and experience to support you with your mind-body health issues and goals, and help you get back on track physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Having experienced intense kundalini symptoms for several years, being a highly sensitive empath, and having worked with dozens of people for over a decade who were dealing with spiritual awakening and kundalini issues gives him the unique ability to support people going through these kinds of experiences and challenges.  One of Greg’s specialties is the ability to support people dealing with unique symptoms and challenges that most people have never heard of.  Added to this is his interest, knowledge, and experience with cutting edge and fringe mind-body modalities and therapies.

There's Always Hope

Regardless of where you are presently at health wise, remember that there's always something more that can be done, and there's always something natural to improve your health situation.  Its important to become our own health authority, and a major aspect in doing this is becoming more educated and knowledgeable about our own mental, emotional, and physical health.  Greg would love to help you achieve this by sharing his knowledge and experience with you.  If you’d like to see whether he can help you with your mind-body-spirit health concerns, feel free to email him, or schedule a free 30 min Discovery Session by clicking the button at the top of the page.   Mind-Body Health  Coaching can be included with any other Private Session.


Some Ways That Greg can Support Your Health

  • Practical advice on natural remedies, supplements, and alternative therapies for symptoms such as anxiety, depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue, poor memory/concentration, physical pain, and insomnia
  • Simple and effective suggestions for dietary and lifestyle improvements, especially related to chronic inflammatory conditions
  • Practical advice and guidance in dealing with over active kundalini, overwhelming sensitivities, and nervous system dys-regulation related to past psychological trauma
  • A deep understanding of the unique challenges related to healing from developmental trauma
  • Practical advice on healing and improving the gut microbiome, and the implications of the gut-brain connection
  • Knowledge of many of the new, cutting edge health testing possibilities that now exist
  • Helping you become you own health authority, and building your confidence to begin experimenting on your own
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